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Работа в Киеве и УкраинеРабота в Киеве и Украине    
Работа в Киеве и Украине
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Должность: Genetics implementation specialist

Регионы: Днепропетровск, Львов

Условия: постоянная в офисе

Описание вакансии:
ISD Ltd. is Ukrainian Software Development Company, founded in 1993.
ISD Ltd. provides innovative and high quality software development solutions to our clients with substantial, hands on experience developing customized and integrated solutions for healthcare industry.
We are a team of 750 professionals. Our solutions used by 400+ clinics and medical laboratories in USA, Canada and worldwide.
Due to expansion to global market we open a new vacancies of Genetics Implementation Specialist.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Validation and Verification of clients scenarios;
• Establishing complete familiarity with and adhering to the project plan and activities for assigned projects;
• Insures that the corporate applications are configured and implemented to utilize existing capabilities as they relate to client requirements;
• Provides guidance, remote and onsite support, as well as training services for the corporate applications to assigned clients.
Education required:
• Bachelor Degree or higher (MSc, PhD) in Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology or other Biomedical science related areas.
Skills Required:
• Good oral and written English;
• Excellent teaching, presentation and communication skills;
• Excellent planning and organizational skills;
• Ability to work effectively under stress.
Will be beneficial:
• PhD or postdoctoral research experience in Human Genetics, Medical Genetics or Clinical Genetics;
• Biology research or working experience in Molecular Biology or similar Laboratory preferably in the area of Medical/Clinical Genetics;
• Experience in DNA/RNA sequencing;
• More than one foreign language knowledge.
Phone: 056-756-93-10
Cell: +3-8-050-480-13-93
E-mail: knor@isd.dp.ua

Требуется образование: высшее
Опыт работы: до 1 года

Контакты: г.Днепропетровск, тел. +3-8-050-480-13-93, knor@isd.dp.ua

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